BEAUTYBLENDER Sweet Surprise Set (Limited Edition 2018)

  • ₱1,400.00

What it is:

A special limited-edition blind bag gift that is fun to discover.

What it does:

Enchant your favourite makeup lover with this special “blind bag” that makes opening presents as fun as when you were a kid. The mystery inside is irresistible to discover. Open to see which of the four beautyblender shades is hidden inside! A select number of makeup lovers may even get a sweet surprise as a reserved number of sets will include a sneak peek at the new 2019 limited-edition hue. Additionally, you’ll get a limited-edition mini blendercleanser® solid® swirl to keep your blender in prime condition.

What else you need to know:

  • The unique edgeless shape and exclusive material available only with beautyblender® ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimal product waste.
  • Use with foundations, powders and any other complexion product.
  • Cleansers are tailor-made to effectively clean and condition the exclusive beautyblender foam.
  • beautyblender's unique material is aqua-activated(tm). When wet, it expands to about twice its size and becomes super soft to create an even, smooth blend and bounce, returning to its original size when it air dries.
  • beautyblender has chosen to use non-toxic, water-soluble dyes. For this reason, your beautyblender may shed dye for the first couple of washes – similar to a pair of blue jeans. Once you squeeze the water out of the beautyblender, the excess dye is removed as well. The dye does not transfer to the skin.
  • The formula offers protection against 99.7% of harmful germs-even if stains are left behind and continuous protection from 99.9% of harmful germs 24 hours after washing, even if stains are left behind.
  • Hand finished in the USA.