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These aren’t your basic brushes, bish. Selected by fearless Morphe Babe Bretman Rock, this glam-grabbing lineup of 9 natural and synthetic brushes covers every step of your makeup routine—from liquid foundation, to bold eye looks, to the final pop of highlighter.


9 brushes. 9 ways to rock your world. Get Bretman’s take on each of his baddest brushes.

M510 – (natural hair) “A bomb universal highlighter brush. Need I say more? It’s perfect for subtle highlights or blinding highlights." 
E52 – (synthetic bristles) “I use this brush DAILY for powder foundations and loose setting powders.” 
M433 – (nautral hair) “Everyone needs this in their kit! It’s perfect for all eyelid shapes and sizes, and blends out eyeshadows so effortlessly.” 
M462 – (duo fiber - synthetic/natural) “An underrated brush for LIQUID foundation. It takes effort to blend, but you will get a really nice airbrushed look.” 
M705 – (synthetic bristles) “Great for precision, concealing under the brows, and precisely packing on product.” 
Y3 – (synthetic bristles) “My favorite blush brush. It blends blushes like a dream.”  
M506 – (natural hair) “This small blending brush is for my girls with small lids, or anyone who wants a precise blending brush.” 
R7 – (natural hair) “My go-to contour brush. It’s the perfect size and has a pinched ferrule for contouring the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.” 
E10 – (synthetic bristles) “I love this brush for packing on eyeshadow on the lids since it picks up product really well.”